GCC Chess Coach Joshua Lawson

Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson

United States Chess Federation
Current USCF ratings:
Regular Rating = 2062
Quick Rating = 1980
Blitz Rating = 2203

• Currently ranked #33 (98th percentile) in the state of NC.
• Ranked in the 97th percentile of players in the country.
• Tied for first place in the 2005 NC Class Championships U1800 section.
• Won many local 3 round weekend tournaments in recent years.
• Advanced to the semi-finals in the 2008 Miami Open Qualifier on USCL and lost to current GM Ray Robson in the knockout round.
• Have taken down many GM’s in simuls and in blitz games including GM Maurice Ashley.
• Currently being sponsored to play in the first ever Millionaire Chess Open in Las Vegas, NV in October.

I have over 10 years of chess teaching experience. I have coached in Hawaii, California and NC. I train anyone from complete beginner to experienced tournament player strength. My past students range in ratings from 100 all the way to 1900 USCF. I work very well with children and have taught children ages 5 to 18. My individual rate is $35 per hour and group lessons vary (if interested please ask me). If you buy block hour sessions, I will give a discounted rate. I do in person and online lessons but of course, in person is best. I have very good references (please ask if interested). I have been playing chess since I was 5 and played in my first tournament when I was 12. I achieved Expert in January of 2010. My goal is to achieve National Master (USCF 2200) within a year.
Cell # : (336)-601-1618 email: jwlawso2@gmail.com