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Tournament’s History:
The Greensboro Open is a 3-round, one-day event that began in December of 2013 and is held every other month. One of the largest and most successful one-day events in the Southeast, this tournament attracts players from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, and Georgia. The tournament is open to all players with a USCF membership (Available for purchase on-site). The prize fund is always 80% of the entry fee pool which is one of the highest guarantee pay-out percentages in North Carolina. Several USCF Masters regularly play at this event.
Players who wish to register early can save money and time. Please fill out the above form and make your payment after clicking the “Pay Now” button. Early registrations must be paid online by 9:00PM the day before the event. Please click here to see the complete details.
If not registered online, players who wish to participate must register on site between 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM the day of the tournament. Players may also register at the G.C.C. Tournament center anytime before the day of tournament.

Entry Fee:
USCF Rated 2200+:Play Free!!.
Online Reg. :$26.00
On-Site Reg.:$30.00 Cash or Check.
3-Rounds Swiss.
Time Control:
Game/75 with delay 5 Sec.
Round Timing:
Round 1: 10:00 a.m. est.
Round 2: 01:15 p.m. est.
Round 3: 04:15 p.m. est.
Alumni House
404 College Avenue,
Greensboro,NC 27412

Online Entry closes the Friday before the tournament at 9.00 PM.